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Gary Dix

While Starski has had many great people that have come through the club, few leave a lasting impact on members and the club itself, like Gary Dix. Gary gave so much to Starski, all of which is still seen in the club today. All members and visitors who got the privilege of meeting him will tell you of the welcoming, kind-hearted, dedicated and jovial man that Gary Dix was. Sadly we lost Gary far too soon.






The club is a second family to many members, which was certainly no different for Gary. Gary was always enthusiastically fostering new members. He had a talent for connecting with younger people and introducing them to Starski's community, often caring for and catering for many young adults he invited along camping. Gary was an excellent and patient teacher who encouraged everyone to give skiing a go, always in Gary's signature bantering way. Gary was a driving force behind our club purchasing our Malibu Response Ski Boat, and sadly he didn't have a chance to see his hard work pay off. Starski has recognised his commitment to this boat by the insignia "Gary's Dream" that can be found on the stern of our ski boat. Have a look for it the next time you ski behind us. 

Over 35 years, Gary's drive and passion for Starski Waterski Club made the club a place for members and visitors, including his three sons, Ashleigh, Christian and Cameron, to cherish. Ash continues to be an active club member, with his young children now experiencing the legacy Gary left in the club.

Family-friendly water skiing club in Perth, Western Australia
-  You were a good man, a good friend, and a brilliant dad; you were a success because your life has made the quality of all of ours a lot better.
Malibu Response Ski Boat owned by Starski Waterski Clun in Perth

Below are anecdotes and stories shared about Gary Dix

"The best times I remember is Gary organising all the kids at Poorrarecup for the ‘Poorrarecup Cup’. It was fantastic. My kids loved it."

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