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Water skiing in Perth, Western Australia
Water skiing in Western Australia for over 40 years
Waterski boat in Western Australia

About us

Water skiing in Perth has never been easier with Starski Waterski Club. With over 40 years experience skiing in Western Australia, seasoned skiers or beginners can enjoy getting out onto the water, all year long. Whether you are interested in single or double water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, discing or tubing, come ski with Starski. 

Our club is family-friendly and open to anyone who wants to give water skiing a go. Our welcoming members thoroughly enjoy skiing together and look forward to meeting new faces. 


Visitors are welcome anytime, and memberships are available. 



Skiing club in Perth


We welcome all skiing abilities, from beginners to experienced. We have both single and double skies available for use.

Wake boarding club in Perth


Our high tow point aids in pulling wakeboarders up onto the water, and our removable wedge can help to achieve higher aerial maneuvers.

Family-friendly activity in Perth

And more

Skiing with Starski Waterski Club is the perfect way to enjoy a day on the water. Whether you are water skiing, discing, knee boarding or tubing, we’ve got something for everyone.

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